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Handcrafted kombucha made with organic ingredients 

Shari started brewing Kombucha while on a health quest in 2014. She has always loved cooking and hospitality, and as a retired RN, the science of brewing Kombucha appealed to her. So it was a perfect fit. Her daughter and son in law loved it so much, they told her that if she made it every week, they would buy it! Soon family and friends were drinking her kombucha and asking for more. She kept experimenting and trying new flavors. It grew from there until a point in 2018 

when Shari and her husband Don attended the Kombucha Brewers International Conference in Long Beach, CA.There they learned all about commercial brewing, and they connected with other brewers. Shortly after that, they started their commercial brewery at Theory Collaborative Coffee Shop in Redding California. Then they outgrew their space and moved their brewery in order to accommodate the growth of the business. You can find Mama Shari’s Kombucha all over Redding now. 

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